Release history of the Cholesterol table app

The initial version of the Cholesterol Content app has been released in the December, 2014. The first store which it was published to was Google Play. Since then it has been downloaded for hundred of thousands times both on Android and iOS. Please check the app change log which covers all versions since the first historical release published in 2014.

Cholesterol content in food app

Version 3.0.1 (January 8, 2021)
  • Pay once, use forever and get all future updates. Onetime purchase is now available for people who don't like subscriptions
  • Weekly period for subscriptions is now available too
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements to serve you better 🙂
Version 3.0.0 (December 16, 2020)
  • BMI Calculator added to the free version
  • You can export weightracker data to email as CSV
  • Settings page redesign
  • You can select the initial startpage
  • Redesigned sidemenu
  • Corrected translations for different languages
  • Added a single and permament purchase and a weekly plan
  • Notofications are handled better
  • Other fixes and internal updates to provide better user experience
Version 2.0.0 (May 24, 2018)

Android and iOS

  • Added options for exporting weight tracker log to CSV files on a selected cloud storage.
  • Local notifications added to remind goals
  • Free trial for premium is now available
  • Because trial is possible only with the subscription model so here it is
  • All donation IAPs removed
  • If you would like to support the app please subscribe or remove ads
  • Better dropbox import/export using the new api
  • Updated libraries for better stability and responsiveness
  • Removed exit nag screen
  • Removed heart icon (rating) from the bottom of the products list
  • Bigger badges in the bottom menu
  • Adding food existing in meal calculator increases its weight
  • New options in the settings to control the new features
  • App can show reminders about weight measurements (set up in settings)
  • Fix for invisible food items at the end of the food list
  • "Add product" item removed from the bottom menu of foods
  • Faster adding to the meal by new "Add to meal" commands in the bottom menu
  • Added vintage and capri themes
  • Removed Google Analytics code for tracking in-app user behavior.
  • Android only
  • Support for Android 4.4 devices only
  • Google Plus button removed
  • Fixed favorites icon glitch in the food list screen

iOS only

  • Side menu button is now on the left (formerly on the right)
  • Page titles in headers are now clickable and can be used to go back
  • Support for iPhone X
  • App uses the iOS 10.3 rating dialog since this version
Version (Oct 19, 2016)
  • Now you can create multiple favorite lists
  • New color schemes: mint and orange
  • Added information displayed at the first app start
  • Side menu rearrangement
  • Favorites can now be ordered
  • Changed the "About" page and added tutorials section
  • Fix for crashing on the Android 6 with the newest webview
  • Fix for hidden buttons in the portion calculator
  • Fixed display issues when big font is used
  • Big add button in the meal calculator
  • New add button at the top in the portion calculator
Version (Feb 12, 2016)
  • Text in the search field was invisible for non-default themes. Corrected.
  • App users have been reporting that the screens, where I ask for a review or supporting the app, are displayed too often. Now they shouldn't bother you that much.
Version (Feb10, 2016)
  • Corrected issue with status bar covering search field.
  • Updated SDK and libraries for better stability and security
  • Text input fields are easier to use on smaller screens
  • Small change in the app icon (added background for visual harmony with Android 5)
Version (Jan 22, 2016)
  • NEW! You can now save your meals and load them later if needed!
    If you already purchased the GL Calc then this feature is FREE for you!
    But you can consider coffe, cookie or sth else ?
  • NEW! You can now edit foods
  • NEW! Added a new list of last checked foods (timer icon in the footer)
  • Video tutorial added
  • NEW! Better visibility of the search box
Version (Dec 21, 2015)
  • NEW! Meal Calculator: find out cholesterol content in meals!
    If you already purchased the Cholesterol Calc then Meal Calculator is FREE for you, but you can consider coffe, cookie or sth else
  • Add food to the meal calculator, modify weight and get quick calculations!
  • Now you can move the app to SD card
  • Empty lists after updating? -> reinstall
Version (Dec 09, 2015)
  • option to show foods on startup
  • removed product menu, bottom panel added instead
  • access the bottom panel by tapping a circled product value
  • import/export of own added foods from/to a different device
  • added calculator of cholesterol content per serving (IAP)
  • app speeded up
  • new languages: ITALIAN and UKRAINIAN
  • app exit command added
  • progress dialog until IAP completed
  • information about our other apps
  • if you see empty lists after update please uninstall and install again
Version 1.0.0 (Jan 19, 2015)

Small fixes only

Version 1.0.0 (Dec, 2014)

Initial release.

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