Spider version history

Feel free to review the history of Spider V6 version development. If you are interested in the history of previous versions, that is, 5, 2000 and earlier, the information is collected on a separate page. However the versions prior to the V6 was available only in the Polish market so the history is written in the original language.

Spider V6

Changes in version
Version published on 08.10.2022
  • Fix related to logging into the free version in case of expired trial license
  • More precise version status information on the top bar
  • Instalator i plik EXE są obecnie podpisane kluczem SHA1 i SHA256
Changes in version

Version published on 06.10.2022

  • New licensing model. The basic version is now free! You can also purchase a premium option, which gives you access to all features for a selected period of time or perpetually.
  • Fixed>link checker for remote links

Changes in version

Version published on 1.09.2022

  • The program can now be run in both Polish and English language versions.
  • Adding missing icon files for selecting icon size in program settings
  • Fixed bug with the FTP refresh button inactivity
  • Improved appearance of the remote offline files list
  • Fixed error message on the first template preview
  • Fixed error message when a template preview was enabled
  • Interface improvements

Changes in version

Version published on 4/05/2022

  • Fix for logging into the application with passwords containing Polish characters
  • Updating libraries for encrypted FTP connections
  • Faster switching between documents opened for editing from a server when in the same folder
  • Fixes in light / dark mode (inspectors)
  • Better adaptation to non-standard DPI screens, eg higher resolutions
  • Fixed bug with project duplicates in projects menu
  • Fix in the color palette where the selected color was not shown
  • Fixed bug when closing all documents opened from FTP server

Changes in version

Version published on 6.03.2022

  • Windows 11 compatibility
  • rewritten bookmark support in the editor - shift + ctrl + number sets / disables a bookmark, ctrl + number allows you to move to a bookmark indicated by the number, and F2 and SHIFT + F2 are moving forward / backward between tabs
  • therefore the shortcuts ctrl + number no longer switch between the main window panels, please set your preferred shortcuts in the app hotkeys settings
  • added feature for quick deletion of all lines with bookmarks (in the bookmarks menu)
  • added the ability to change the program icons set to a smaller one in general settings / at startup
  • search for files and directories by filename with filters has been moved to the extended search and replace window
  • added background selection option to highlight current line with cursor
  • when switching documents opened with ftp, the directory in the ftp files tree is now changed accordingly
  • allow you to define separate colors for text selections in light and dark mode
  • fixes for reported interface problems
  • current line with cursor has now configurable background color
  • fix for displaying information about functions on the "Languages" tab and inserting them into editor
  • fix for program restore when single app instance is enabled
  • color fix for php navigator
  • disable bottom panel height limitation while scaling
  • changing the appearance of the project properties window
  • fixed file transfer function between folders on ftp
  • changed how to insert links to ftp edited files
  • accelerated deletion of more files on ftp
  • color fix in search results pane
  • changed ftp connection log font
  • fix for panel colors with code hints
  • fix for too long tooltip texts in the status bar below the editor
  • fix for file preview in external browsers when path with spaces
  • visual UI fixes in some windows
  • fix for main window tab "Languages" which displayed AV error
  • fix for inline preview in view below editor that could not be resized
  • slight changes to light mode colors (not all completely white)
  • fix in proper setting of terminal colors depending on dark / light mode
  • fix for license information displayed in "About" window
  • fix in table builder
  • in dark mode to adjust elements that had some light elements (columns, scroll bars)
  • arrange editor text color settings in editor settings window, "Colors and font" tab
  • the editor's default font is currently 11px - change possible in editor settings
  • design a la Windows 11 also in Windows 10 (scrollbars mostly)
  • optimization of reading project information

Changes in version

Version published on 11/18/2021

  • Full dark and light mode for main program window
  • Fixed a bug preventing the right pane from resizing
  • Changes to the main window interface. The old type of left, right and bottom panels has been replaced with convenient tabs.
  • Option in general settings / File list to move the file list button bar to the right
  • Restore "Open As ..." command to local files list, but rename to "Duplicate"
  • Fix for commenting PHP code during visual editing
  • The dark / light switch is now in the main settings, the "On startup" tab
  • Fixed a bug which caused the program to close automatically when the settings were imported from version 5
  • Changes to the custom toolbars configuration tool. You can now change the default icons assigned to the commands
  • and other smaller fixes and improvements.

Changes in version

Version published on 2.11.2021

Version is the first installment of Spider V6. Without going into details, I will only list the most important changes in relation to version 5. The rest of smaller and bigger novelties I will leave for you to discover 🙂

  • The division between Standard and Professional versions has been eliminated. Now there is only one Spider and it has everything without limitations.
  • Responsive website development and support for the latest HTML, CSS and PHP specifications.
  • Renewed interface with dark editor mode and new icons
  • A built-in tool for creating mobile applications for mobile devices as well as computers. Such applications can be, for example, uploaded to your phone or to popular app stores.
  • Dozens of new templates based on the most popular libraries like Bootstrap, Foundation, PureCSS and more.
  • A built-in terminal for working with the command line, compiling applications, or using node and npm.
  • Extensive documentation for HTML, PHP, JS, CSS, frameworks and courses for learning these languages.
  • and more... 🙂
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